Tatiana Stanjeck


AKA Timeless Venom


My name’s Tatiana but anyone who knows me, calls me Tat!

I’ve worked at Studio Cong for 3 years now. I started off running the shop & assisting Cong for my first year, then transitioned into an apprenticeship role for tattooing shortly after. Now I tattoo professionally full time, all styles, all skin types and all bodies welcome. I do a lot of everything from colourful large scale traditional, to Japanese, to realism and everything in between. I love custom work, and mostly stick to your ideas and run with them! That being said, once in a blue moon I do drop flash up for grabs on my instagram for those clients who have a harder time coming up with something for themselves.

Although I’m relatively new to the tattooing, I did get featured in the Daily Hive twice for being a top 10 artist in Calgary! I also love to tour Canada doing tattoo guest spots at my friends shops. So if you’re not from Calgary don’t fret, I’ll probably be in a small town near you sometime soon!

Ever since I was little I always knew I’d be tattooing. I even dressed up as a tattoo artist for Halloween in high school, dollar store temporary tattoos all over my body and all. Let me tell ya those things do not scrub off the morning after the way you think they would. I’ve been drawing ever since I learned to pick up a pencil, in school I would draw tattoo flash and sell the drawings to my classmates. Art has and will always be a huge part of my life.

I met my mentor Cong 7 years ago when I went to Enso Tattoo for a walk in back when I was fresh 18. Since that day I relentlessly asked him to teach me to tattoo, and continued getting tattooed until he finally had enough and caved two years ago.

Outside of tattooing, I love doing Muay Thai. Ever since Cong I started going it’s been a big part of my life, It’s taught me a ton about discipline, respect & resilience. Anyone who knows me, knows I work really hard. Muay Thai keeps me humble, happy and healthy. If you’re ever in the shop, you’ll probably get the pleasure of hearing us bantering about who did better at class this week, or the recent fights.

Anyone who’s been to the shop knows it’s deeper than ink, once you’ve been here you’re part of the family.

It’s never “just another tattoo” to me.

Tattoos have served as a way to visually transcribe certain aspects of human existence, as well as an impression of culture shared among generations. Tattoos are a worldwide medium of expression, tattoos are reclaiming your body, tattoos inherently are marks of human identity.

Once again, it’s deeper than ink.”


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